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Virtual Proving Ground

A virtual testing space for launching future-ready products

Future mobile machinery products are designed keeping in mind...

Excavator moving logs in forest






Coal Mining



Backhoe Loader



Virtual Proving Ground (VPG) helps you to test and evaluate the comfort, safety & performance of machines and their subsystems using virtual prototyping 

Mining Machine

Build, test, iterate, build, test, iterate, ...

Deliver an optimal product configuration that is
safe, comfortable, durable & sustainable

Testing virtual models with different configurations in virtual terrains with all possible test scenarios

An animated loader operating at a mine

Safety shouldn't end with regulations

A loader tipping down the hill
A loader driving down the hill with raised bucket
A loader at the top of a hill with raised bucket

Minimize the chances of mishaps, setbacks & accidents dramatically

Running several tests covering extreme conditions can reveal a configuration / variant / operating strategy that operates safely in hazardous situations

Virtual Proving Ground mimics a variety of real-world scenarios, such as different road surfaces, weather conditions, and driving behaviors. It can be customized to replicate real-world test tracks or specific driving conditions 

See a demonstration of a tipping safety model in this video of a crawler crane operating on uneven ground.


Reduce operation & driving stress and physical exhaustion during long use

Identify vibration sources & its path from the ground >> tires >> suspensions >> body >> cabin >> seat.

Optimize with
parametrization & configurations

SimulationX 3D view of a loader driving over uneven ground
SimulationX 3D view of a loader driving in a mine

Key is to improve the operation comfort

Loader driving over a rock
SimulationX 3D view of a loader driving over a rock

The life of the product defines it's quality!

Increase the product life, ease of maintenance & operational continuity

Evaluate the loads and stresses on various machine parts while running them in the proving ground conditions

Construction Site

Meet customer requirements with hybrid & electric products

Optimize the machine through battery management, electric drives & electro-mechanical parts under various driving and operational conditions

Loader with raised bucket
Operator view from inside the loader
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