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By engineers - for engineers.


The multi-physics simulation software SimulationX is a highly intuitive systems modeling tool that comes with integrated model libraries, and open interfaces.

The software is used to design and verify complex machines in industries such as automotive, heavy machinery, and aerospace. It offers high ease of use and quick calculation, making it a popular choice among engineers.


SimulationX Customer References

ZF enhances the development of torsional vibration dampers by using SimulationX

Why SimulationX?


Intuitive to use


Flexible integration


Open standards


Proven for years


Modeling and Simulation Approach

SimulationX is known for its great usability following our motto: "What you see is what you get."

Thomas Neidhold, ESI Group

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Make the most of the easy-to-learn modeling and simulation approach and the GUI in SimulationX to achieve a well-structured model following the principle of "What you see is what you get". Established engineering symbols in the diagram view along with an optional 3D view help you effortlessly navigate around the program and your model. 

SimulationX 3D view of a gearbox


Over 25 years of simulation experience

Put your product engineering on a solid foundation. More than 700 customers and 25 years of experience in system simulation are proof of the high performance of SimulationX. Whether you need individual customizations, assistance with a project or technical support, our engineering and software teams are there to help every step of the way.


Based on the open Modelica standard, SimulationX offers you a modeling platform which can be easily customized to your specific needs and development tasks. You can use elements directly from its built-in libraries, extend them, or create completely new model elements and libraries. Specific interfaces with numerous CAx tools and post-processing applications, as well as open interface standards, such as Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI), ensure a seamless integration of SimulationX into your product development toolchain.

Integration SimulationX with CAD, FTA, SysML and controller testing


Complex Systems

Benefit from unparalleled flexibility with a vast number of model libraries spanning diverse physical domains. Easily integrate mechanical components with fluid power, control engineering and elements from other domains. With foundational and specialized model elements at your disposal, SimulationX provides flexibility in modeling.

Utilize a single platform for multiple analyses, saving time and resources. SimulationX serves as an essential toolbox for understanding and optimizing your technical systems.

Crane Vertical 2.png

What is SimulationX?

Functionality You Will Love


Intuitive Modeling Platform

Built by engineers, for engineers, our goal is to make the systems modeling process as simple as possible. No need for coding: everything is drag and drop. The SimulationX platform contains everything you need to build and analyze system models. See what's included.


Model Export and Cosimulation

Silos were yesterday. Today's engineers need to connect models to all parts of the design process, which is why SimulationX includes a wide selection of model import, export and co-simulation options. Choose from C-code, Simulink S-Functions, Functional Mockup Units (FMUs), Veristand, Labview and more...


Industry-Relevant Libraries

Whether you're looking for general physics models like Pneumatics or Hydraulics, or application-specific models like Belt Conveyors, SimulationX has the libraries you need to simulate your system. See the complete list of SimulationX modules/libraries.


Scripting and Analysis

Build a workflow using an integrated Jupyter Notebook. Calculate natural frequencies and mode shapes. Run an input-output analysis. Automatically export simulation results to Microsoft Word or Powerpoint.
SimulationX contains the tools you need to analyse your system.

Create Your Own Modelica Elements

Build Your Own Modelica Elements and Libraries

Learn how to effortlessly build custom model libraries and elements without needing to know Modelica coding. The SimulationX TypeDesigner simplifies the process with its intuitive graphical interface. 

Dive into our video tutorial: "Create Your Own Modelica Elements" and discover the power of SimulationX TypeDesigner.

Ready for a deeper dive? Explore our comprehensive training sessions covering both TypeDesigner and the Modelica language. Contact us for details!

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Technical Systems

When direct examination of a real object proves challenging or resource-intensive, modeling offers an effective alternative. By dissecting an object's properties, a model facilitates a more accessible analysis, enabling insights that might otherwise be impractical. Systems comprise multiple interacting elements, and simulations experiment with these models to forecast system behavior under specific conditions. For accurate outcomes, a simulation model must authentically represent the technical nuances, ensuring cost-effective and timely evaluations across various scenarios.

Learn more about system simulation and why it is the tool of choice across diverse industries.

Screenshot of SimulationX vehicle dynamics model

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