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Welcome to Xcelerated Prototyping

Xcelerated Prototyping is an engineering firm based in Waterloo, Canada. We are an authorized distributor of ESI's multi-physics system simulation software SimulationX. Our engineering services include modeling, prototyping, digital twins, and software development. We cater to businesses in industries such as automotive, heavy machinery, and aerospace, which design and manufacture complex machines. 

Badge showing that XPI is an official ESI Channel Partner

Our Mission

Innovating the Way We Engineer

At Xcelerated Prototyping, we strive to provide innovative engineering solutions for businesses that design and manufacture complex machinery and systems. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality engineering services related to modeling, prototyping, digital twins, and software development. We aim to redefine the way we prototype and accelerate the product development process to help businesses succeed in their industries.

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Our Journey So Far



Xcelerated Prototyping was founded in 2023 in Waterloo, Canada. Our mission is to help businesses design and manufacture complex machines using innovative engineering solutions.



We became an authorized distributor of SimulationX for the Americas beginning in 2024. This has allowed us to provide our clients with a powerful multi-physics system simulation software that helps them optimize their product development process.


Xcelerated Prototyping in the Press

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