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We offer regular and customized training on SimulationX.

Course: Introduction to SimulationX

Date: the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month. 8:30 am - 12:30 pm EST

Time: 8 hours total. (two blocks of 4 hours)

Format: online with an instructor

Language: English. (Spanish or German may be available upon request.)

Cost: $600 USD per person + applicable taxes

An engineer working with a laptop

Graphical User Interface

  • Diagram view

  • 3D view

  • Ribbon menus

  • Library bar

  • Model explorer

  • Result windows and result window manager

  • Output window

The graphical user interface of SimulationX
3D view of a backhoe arm and bucket in SimulationX

Building Your First Models

  • Signal-based modeling vs. equation-based modeling

  • Using elements from the built-in libraries

  • Connecting elements and adjusting the model

  • Parameterization using constants, variables and references

  • Application of curves and 2D/3D maps

  • Namespace concept and conventions

  • Start values and initial values

  • Recording and plotting results

Basics of Symbolic Analysis and Solvers

  • Calculation and analysis methods

  • Understanding the GSA (Global Symbolic Analysis)

  • Solver descriptions (BDF, CVODE, fixed step, etc.)

  • Parameterizing the solvers

  • Understanding the numerical solving process

  • Using tracing to get more information

  • Synchronizing solvers to real time

The solver process in SimulationX
An example of a SimulationX result window

Result Display and Analysis

  • Time plot of results

  • Frequency plot of results

  • Tools within the result window

  • Customizing result windows

  • Exporting results to Excel and other programs

  • Using the variant wizard to run multiple simulations while varying parameters

  • Examining natural frequencies and time constants

  • Running an input-output analysis

Creating Your Own Model Elements

  • Building compounds from existing elements

  • Extending an existing element with new parameters

  • Creating your own library

  • Using TypeDesigner to create a brand new element

The SimulationX TypeDesigner
Warning beacons at a construction site

Problem Solving and Debugging

  • Overview of common warning and error messages

  • How to analyze initialization difficulties

  • Avoiding typical modeling issues

  • Speeding up simulation

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