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Residual Pulsation Calculation in Pipeline Systems with SimulationX

SimulationX Customer Story

Summary of Presentation from 20th ESI SimulationX Conference (2018)

Conference Presentation by Dipl. Ing(FH). Achim Lamparter, URACA

URACA is a producer of high-pressure plunger pumps used in a wide range of process, industrial, cleaning, and waterjet applications. 

Of key interest for URACA are the residual pulsations produced by the plunger pumps and how they impact the hydromechanical excitation of pipeline systems. System models are used by URACA to predict the safety and reliability of pipeline systems early in the system design process.

In this pulsation study by URACA at the 2018 SimulationX User Conference, URACA presented a solution for a descaling plant in Malaysia that was experiencing pressure fluctuations and pipe vibrations in a complex piping system. After validating the pipeline model using data collected from the plant in Malaysia, the model was used to identify and verify that changing pipe size and installing an orifice would significantly reduce the pressure pulsations. 

URACA applied SimulationX to create an accurate model of their plunger pump and ball-type resonator to analyze the impact on residual pulsations in pipeline systems. A model for the plunger pump was created in SimulationX using crank shaft, cylinder area, volume, and check valve elements. Next, a test rig was created along with an associated SimulationX model of the rig. The model of the pump and test rig were validated by comparing data from the test rig and SimulationX model.

[red = measurement, blue = simulation]

[red = measurement, blue = simulation]

Multiple construction variants for the ball-type resonator were drafted using SimulationX elements and ranked based on how well the simulated data matched the real test data. Using their validated SimulationX model of the plunger pump and ball-type resonator, URACA was able to show that their ball-type resonator reduced pressure fluctuations in the test rig from 19% to 2% of the operating pressure. 

[red = without ball-type resonator, blue = with ball-type resonator]

Using their validated SimulationX pump and resonator models, URACA is identifying and reducing damage caused by frequency-dependent resonance phenomena corresponding to speed regulated pumps by applying appropriate pulsation damping measures.  

If interested in additional information, please contact us for the full proceedings of the 2018 SimulationX User Conference.

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